Helen Taylor
by Helen Taylor

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International Women's day 2017 is upon us. We have grown the team here in many ways over the past few years, both in number and in diversity. We now have more women working for Volcanic than ever before, which is great to see. Working in technology and having a gender diverse workforce can often be difficult to achieve. We thought it would be good to share our views and opinions about women involved in tech (and business) with you to get a feel for our culture. 

All of the quotations below are from staff within Volcanic and represent just some of the amazing women who work for us!

Helen Taylor

I think the future is bright for women in technology with the increase of opportunity. From my own experience I have seen a large increase in the amount of women working at Volcanic and I hope other technology companies follow in our foot steps. I believe their should be more publicity on women who work in technology and greater opportunity from an early age.

Victoria Pearce

It’s really good to see an increase of women in technology! Especially encouraging to see such an increase internally here at Volcanic which we hope to grow further over the coming years to work towards a 50/50 divide.  

Judit Masana

Nowadays, the number of women in technology is increasing, so we will be able to achieve a more balanced workplace. Although, we have a long way to go in order to show to the rest of world that technology isn’t a male’s sector since some people still think it.

Rachel Kelly

When thinking about what the future holds for women in technology, it’s important to keep in mind that because women haven’t been working as widely as men in the tech industry or for as long we don’t have the same context as men do, i.e. we don’t have the same confidence in the tech workplace as men do yet and we certainly don’t have the rich variety of role models in tech that men have. The idea that you can’t be what you can’t see is a problem for all minorities and for females in technology, you can’t imagine yourself doing something (unless you’re a trailblazer) if you haven’t seen someone else who is like you doing it. This is the reason I’m in favour of quotas (e.g of having a certain amount of women in technology) as it will encourage a culture where that’s commonplace. That’s the first step to take in improving the current situation!

Gemma Foley

Great things are happening for women in technology and volcanic can attest to that.  There is still more work to be done and having positive female role models in technology is important.  I believe that we should be encouraging girls from as early as possible and encouraging primary schools to get them involved in Science, Technology and Maths.


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