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Ep 25: Cristina Falcone at UPS on why intentional diversity is crucial for business innovation

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​We have to start somewhere to make diversity the norm. And that could mean thinking more intentionally when looking for candidates. If you’re not intentional, it’ll take that much longer.

This is one of the take away messages from our chat with Cristina Falcone, VP at UPS. Cristina started with UPS in Canada 22 years ago in communications and marketing before progressing to her Belgium-based VP role today. Her parents emigrated to Canada from Italy and faced discrimination, which has contributed to making DEI a big part of her work.

We spoke with Cristina about her work at UPS and how the organisation has changed since she started. Cristina was one of the first members when a women’s leadership group was established at UPS. She also led the way in building diverse teams. She believes that hiring diverse teams has a direct impact on financial performance, as well as offering many other benefits. And that a diverse team can be achieved while still hiring the best people for the job.

We also spoke about:

  • The importance of representing the people that your business is serving

  • Delivering to the employee as well as the employer

  • UPS’s delivery of over 1 billion Covid vaccines

  • How UPS is tackling ESG aspects of logistics

  • The 5th annual Rise & Lead Women Summit

Cristina’s passion for helping people find their voice and bring their talents to the table was clear from our conversation.

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