How to Improve Candidate Engagement with Volcanic

The Volcanic platform provides all the modern marketing support you need, straight out of the box. A core set of easy-to-use marketing tools helps you engage, attract and convert the most qualified candidates for every role. And with extensive industry partnerships and comprehensive integrations, we can tailor a custom solution to meet all your marketing needs.

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Volcanic makes it easy to generate custom forms to ensure you're capturing the data you need for each role. We are continuously developing our application form feature to ensure we are delivering the optimal candidate experience. Some of our functionality includes:

Apply with LinkedIn or Seek, allowing candidates to apply for roles in a few clicks using their existing social profiles, making it easier to apply for a job without the need to create and submit a CV.

Save as draft functionality, allowing candidates to save job application progress, which they can then return to at a later point in time that is suitable for them.

Nested groups, allowing you to group application question fields by topic, for example 'Previous experience'. Not only does this improve the appearance of the forms, this creates a better experience for your candidates by breaking them down into sub-sections.

Killer questions, allowing you to define essential requirements that must be met by the applicant, automatically triggering an end to the process if the requirements are not met. This helps set clear expectations for the role and saves time for candidates while also improving the quality of applications received.

Volcanic candidate application forms with Apply with LinkedIn and Save as Draft functionality


Social media is a channel that potential candidates are certainly using. The Volcanic platform supports social media integrations allowing your consultants and users to easily share your jobs and content. Every share and interaction can then be tracked directly through our reporting suite.

Social Media Sharing

"Volcanic’s approach centres around the candidate which is exactly what we were looking for. Having a SaaS website that continually evolves ensures we’re always delivering the best user experience, and in turn, converting these experiences into candidate applications."

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Every candidate on our platform is able to subscribe to and configure their own personalised job alerts choosing the frequency, keywords and filters that are most relevant to them within their own personalised dashboard.

Job Alerts


For each candidate, the Volcanic platform provides a personalised experience, delivering relevant content and access to features based on their personal information, their preferences and where they are in your recruiting process.

Personalised Candidate Experience


Use our platform to find candidates across many different 3rd party job boards and aggregators. Automated feeds enable Volcanic to display your jobs on these sites and bring candidates directly to your site to enter your recruitment funnel.

Job Feeds

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