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Custom Job Search Filters for an intuitive candidate experience with Access Volcanic

Custom Search

Every Volcanic site can be customised with unique tags and categories, making it quick and intuitive for candidates to search and filter your jobs in their relevant specialisations.

SEO job search

Use your market knowledge to give your job search an SEO edge.

By loading your site with relevant keywords and category descriptions, Volcanic's job search generates SEO landing pages to attract more candidates direct from the major search engines.

SEO job search with Access Volcanic
Construction worker searching for jobs on mobile phone
  • Volcanic's platform has enabled us to drive our strategy and be proactive.

    As the industry continues to change - such as Google for jobs and the changing job board landscape - we can continue to drive to be at the top of its performance.

    Marketing Director, Search

Access Volcanic's Job Search supports a complete global location list

Global locations

Your clients' jobs could be anywhere, so Volcanic's job search supports a complete global location list, giving your candidates the ability to search and find jobs anywhere in the world.

Multilingual job search

Your candidates speak multiple languages, so your job search should too! Every category can be fully translated to speak the language(s) of your candidates.

multilingual job search on your recruitment website with Access Volcanic

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