Creating an Inclusive Online Candidate Experience on your Recruitment Website

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Get practical tips that you can action almost immediately on your journey to becoming a more inclusive and accessible recruitment agency. Topics include:

  1. Taking the first steps to do more for your candidates

  2. Inclusive imagery and language

  3. Inclusive job adverts and descriptions

  4. Accessible website design

  5. Accessible website content

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This eBook features experts such as Diversity in Recruitment, ReciteMe and Get-Optimal

“We were evaluating our own diversity and inclusion and when looking at national stats found that 19% of working adults in the UK are disabled, many of those being neuro disabilities. So we realised that a lot of people weren’t being given the opportunity to use our website and apply for roles. Adding ReciteMe to our Volcanic website was hugely beneficial to us and the usage stats have been really positive.”

Tommy Styles, Global Marketing Manager at

Tommy Styles, Global Marketing Manager,

Designing Accessible Recruitment Websites

Hear from Volcanic's Design team as they share their journey of improving the way they design websites for an inclusive and accessible candidate experience.

Shanma Ahmed - Head of Design, Volcanic
Dimitris Georgakas - Senior Designer, Volcanic
Lillie Ubeid - Marketing Manager, Volcanic

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Volcanic’s design team have a wealth of experience designing recruitment websites that aim to attract candidates all over the globe, no matter their background or ability. Ensuring that our clients are informed in making their website as inclusive as possible is now a critical part of the design process.

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