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Candidate selecting the right to be forgotten option in their candidate portal

Consent, SAR and RTBF

To assist with GDPR compliance, Volcanic sites can be implemented with consent capture, Subject Access Request (SAR) and Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) tools to streamline your business compliance workflows.

Multi-region hosting

Volcanic has multiple stacks available globally where your site can be hosted, to ensure your business critical data is stored in compliance with your country's relevant data residency laws.

Multi-region hosting
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  • ​It’s a big move when you switch to a SaaS platform, but once you have it provides you with the ability to stay ahead on a constant basis.

    This then enables marketing teams to go above and beyond because you know that the basics, such as GDPR compliance, are taken care of for you. You no longer have the requirement of having to re-evaluate your website in 2 years, as you know it’s changing and updating with your business.

    Marketing Director, Search

Volcanic customer reviewing audit trail on recruitment website platform


All actions on the Volcanic platform are granularly logged, so if something goes wrong, and you need to know why a change was made, we've got your back with a full audit trail.


Data privacy regulations inform the way all future technology will be built. GDPR is one of the strictest and most wide-randing data protection regulations in the world, and so that's why all of our technology is built to GDPR-recommended standards. We take data security hugely seriously and ensure that we are safeguarding the data of all individuals in a regulated climate.

GDPR regulations

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