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4 weeks average project timeline

Everything you need to get a quality recruitment website up and running quickly to establish an online presence

Website Excellence

12 weeks average project timeline

Create the ultimate experience for candidates and clients; the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy

Everything in Content Booster, plus:

  • Bespoke homepage design and build + 2 bespoke interior pages

  • 30 branded images + icons and 15 Canva templates

  • Content loading (21 hours / 20 pages)

  • Full Client Engagement suite - including featured candidates and client microsites

  • Advanced SEO toolkit

  • Advanced reporting

  • Premier Customer Success Plan

  • Bespoke training and consultancy

  • Website accessibility fixes

  • NEW: 10 conversational AI chatbots anywhere on website, custom branding and workflow

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recruitment specific website and how does it compare to popular generic platforms such as WordPress?
  • One of the benefits of recruitment website platforms is how much is built in, including data security.

  • Given most recruitment website platforms will be supporting hundreds of sites and their associated data, security will be of key importance to them. Having an up to date and secure site can also have great impacts on SEO, and from our analysis we've found that Volcanic websites drive 180% more traffic than WordPress sites.

  • View full comparison here

Why should I invest in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model and pay monthly over buying the website outright?
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) is a subscription service that has increased in popularity since the onset of cloud computing in the mid-2000s. For recruitment agencies, SaaS website platforms offer a more agile way to build and grow online.

  • You do not have to take responsibility for maintaining the software which can be resource-intensive, costly and time-consuming, and once you stop accessing the service when your contract comes to an end, you stop paying for it.

  • Read more about the benefits of SaaS websites

How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?
  • Before we get to cost, buyers need to be aware there are many website providers, some more recruitment specific than others, offering different layers of customisation.

  • Some recruitment website designers and developers need 100% of payment upfront immediately, others offer a monthly subscription model. To find out more about pricing across these difference offerings, check out our article below.

  • Read article on recruitment website costs

How do I know which package is right for my business?
  • It's really important to us that our customers choose the right package that will align with the goals of their business.

  • Each package bundles together platform features, services and support that will lead to successful outcomes at various stages of your business journey. Our team of website specialists are on hand to support you in choosing the right package. Request an initial conversation with us and we will guide you through your options.

  • Speak to a website specialist

Are the new Data-driven D&I features included in every package?
  • They sure are! We're pleased to be able to roll out our award-winning D&I tools powered by Diversely to all of our customers, regardless of what package you choose.

  • This means all of our customers will have the ability to capture, track and measure diversity data, while creating more inclusive content that leads to better conversions.

  • Find out more about our D&I features

What our customers
say about Access Volcanic

  • Ensuring an accessible online experience for all candidates

    ​We were evaluating our own Diversity and Inclusion and when looking at national stats found that 19% of working age adults in the UK consider themselves to be disabled in some manner, and a lot of those are neuro disabilities. So we realised that a lot of people weren’t being given the opportunity to use our website and apply for roles. Adding an accessibility toolbar to our Volcanic website was hugely beneficial to us and the usage stats have been really positive.

    Global Marketing Director, Aspire

  • SEO success since switching to a specialist SaaS platform

    ​SEO was a key driver for us moving to Volcanic. With our old site we were not showing up on Google and we had tried for about 8 months to make progress in this area with very little results, and since moving to Volcanic we’ve seen a massive improvement in our Google rankings.

    Head of Marketing, Mantell Associates

  • Integrations that make DukeMed even more productive and efficient

    ​Whilst my business starts up, I need digital automation in place that I can rely on. Choosing Volcanic and its ability to integrate with many major CRMs was another tick in the box. I do not have the time to do manual, laborious jobs that can be achieved with automation.

    Founder, DukeMed

  • A powerful website engine to drive performance

    ​The key thing for me was that we had a really good engine in our website. I knew whatever I wanted it to look like on top, I could achieve that but what I couldn’t do is build the engine I needed. I didn't see that from the rest of the market, but when looking at Volcanic I saw an absolute best-in-class engine that would power our website.

    Global Marketing Manager, Aspire

  • ​Since going live we have noticed a massive difference in candidate conversions

    In the past two weeks we have had an 800% increase in registrations, traffic is up, and we've had more applications to jobs than ever before. I can now drive candidates to the website, knowing that not only are they likely to convert but they’re also being captured in a secure environment and I have full visibility of that data.

    Senior Marketing Executive, MedGen

  • The value of a Premier Customer Success Plan and continuous online support

    ​We’re on a Premier Success Plan, and our Customer Success Manager is always on hand to share her knowledge. This accessibility and open communication is extremely valuable to us as we manage our site and future plans. Since launching the site she’s worked with us to continually analyse its performance and look at how we drive improvements – always coming to us with things she’s noticed and ideas. If she doesn’t know the answer, she makes it her personal goal to speak to someone who does. For smaller support requests it’s really easy to log a ticket on the Customer Support Portal and these are always dealt with promptly, with our CSM stepping in if it’s a little more complicated to get to the right resolution.

    Marketing Communications Manager, NRL

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