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A recruitment CMS built for recruitment marketers.

As a recruitment marketer, we know you deal with jobs, events, blogs, consultants, testimonials, and more recruitment-specific content every day. Our Content Management System offers all this and more out-of-the-box, making it quick and simple to add, edit and move content.

Our tag management system puts you in control of the positioning of your content, allowing you to surface up relevant messaging and assets at various points along your user journey. Our clients often use this feature to showcase testimonials on relevant sector specialism pages and some have used it to launch content hubs and podcasts. Whatever your creative vision, we can support you in making this happen.

Easy on-page edit tools.

No more switching between front and back end environments when loading content, or hitting save and hoping for the best! Volcanic's advanced ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editor allows you to change and update your content right on your page. It saves time editing and gives you the confidence that your content will always look great once you hit save.

Showing Access Volcanic's On-page Editing Tools in Action in the CMS
Recruitment Marketers happily using the Access Volcanic CMS
  • The content management capability of the Volcanic platform has enabled us to deliver thought-leading optimised content.

    ​We've utilised the tag management system to easily deliver different types of content across our site, such as our podcast and weekly insight articles. We had a lot of help from the Volcanic team at the beginning to understand how to set up this content effectively and from that point it has run really smoothly. Especially compared to our old site where even uploading a blog post felt like a chore! The on-page editing tool has also been hugely helpful. Being able to load your content directly on the front-end of your site makes it so much easier in terms of spotting mistakes and quickly being able to make amendments. 

    Head of Marketing, Mantell Associates

Access Volcanic's Image compression tool in use on the recruitment website CMS

Intelligent image optimisation.

Our recruitment CMS comes with a built-in image editor to make it easy to crop and compress your images online, ensuring that they fit exactly to your page, look great and perhaps most importantly, load fast!

Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Get ahead of the competition by demonstrating your commitment to DE&I. Whether it's diversity goals, an inclusive approach to candidates, certifications or awards, simply adapt the most relevant elements of DE&I from our templated selection and create a page to show clients you're serious.

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Snapshot of Trinnovo Group website showcasing their D&I commitments

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