Recruitment SEO Toolkit for Optimised Website Content

Every Volcanic site comes equipped with a powerful SEO toolkit. With GoogleForJobs optimisation out of the box, SEO monitoring tools with suggestions to help you rank more effectively, automated image optimisation and more, Volcanic makes it easier for you to keep your content optimised.

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We know it's hard to keep on top of technical SEO. That’s why we developed Volcanic's SEO Monitoring Tools to scan, identify, and help you fix any technical SEO issues on your site, allowing you to focus on your all-important content.

SEO Monitoring Tools


We know SEO best practice is a constantly moving target, so the Volcanic Platform comes with in-built technical SEO support straight out-of-the-box, so it's just one less thing you have to worry about. Plus, we're constantly making updates to keep your site on top of industry changes and ahead of the curve.

Best Practices Out-of-the-box

"SEO was a key driver for us moving to Volcanic. With our old site we could not be found on Google and we had tried for about 8 months to make progress in this area with very little results, and since moving to Volcanic we’ve seen a massive improvement in our Google rankings. Our organic search traffic is already up by 30% in just a few months!"

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We're fully optimised for Google for Jobs, so all of your job posts will be correctly indexed and displayed directly to candidates on the world's largest search engine.

Google For Jobs


Our front end engineers build all Volcanic sites to the latest technical specifications, with automatic image compression and other automated optimisations all included as standard so your site loads quickly for your end users.

Optimised Frontend


Your candidates and clients speak many languages, so Volcanic sites speak many languages too - right down to each part of the URL! Easily manage multiple versions of your content across multiple languages to ensure your message reaches your target audience in the voice you want.

Natively Multilingual

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