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Client-focused content

Our market-leading CMS is built exclusively for recruiters, equipped with the tools to help you build content that will showcase your expertise and deliver the right message to your target client audience.

Blogging is a great way to keep your website optimised with regular fresh content, and can demonstrate your knowledge to clients.

Featured Candidates
Create landing pages to showcase your top candidates to give clients a snapshot of what your agency has to offer.

Sector Pages
Evidence your specialist sectors with dedicated pages to display relevant testimonials, jobs, and the contacts of your specialist consultants in this sector.

Consultant Profiles
Your team members are valuable assets that can help you to gain competitive advantage. Display their expertise through Consultant Profile pages.

Case studies and testimonials

Every good agency has testimonials from previous happy clients. These now need to be front and centre. Third party endorsement has never been more important.

Our testimonial pages provide you with the perfect template to build a library of positive stories to demonstrate your work.

These can be displayed as full page case studies, or a quote within a page, perhaps on a consultant profile, a sector page, or on your homepage.

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Building solutions, not just products

We don't just build products, we build solutions. Not only does our CMS allow you to create blogs, testimonials and an unlimited number of content pages, we've gone above and beyond to develop the tools to help you ensure your content is easily visible and can lead to new business.

SEO toolkit
Volcanic's platform comes with in-built technical SEO support straight out of the box​. Use our SEO monitoring tools to scan, identify, and help you fix any technical SEO issues on your site to ensure your content is always optimised for search engines. We've also added automatic image compression and other optimisations so that your site loads quickly for your end users.

Custom Forms
Add forms to every page on your website for recruiters to capture client details. These forms can be customised to include any fields you require to capture necessary information.

Featured candidates

What better way to attract clients than to show them the talent you have to offer? You may already be doing this via emails or LinkedIn, but this is a time-consuming task. With our impressive Featured Candidate landing pages, you can drive relevant client traffic to these profiles through SEO, social media and various other channels, ensuring there is an on-page call-to-action to easily capture interested clients.

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