Accessibility tools
Man working within his CRM using data that has seamlessly synced from his Access Volcanic website


With best-in-class deep integrations into market leading CRMs for candidates, our platform will help you effortlessly keep your website candidate, user and job data in sync.


Industry leading multi-posters have pre-existing integrations with the Volcanic platform, so posting jobs and receiving candidate applications can be performed in the same way as your existing media channels.

post on multiple job boards
Multi-posters integration
Candidate using single sign-on candidate portal

Single sign-on

Your candidate dashboard can be configured as a single sign-on portal, so that you candidates only need to login once to seamlessly access all your services.

Open API

Looking to do something different? We have an open API that can be used to integrate Volcanic with anything.

Access Volcanic has an open API that can be used to integrate our recruitment website platform with anything

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