Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It needs to work in harmony with other systems.

Volcanic integrations ensure your recruitment business can automate processes, save time and improve data quality, so you can focus on doing what you do best. With comprehensive connections to commonly used systems and an open API, we can seamlessly integrate your website with all your other tools, databases and processes.

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With best-in-class deep integrations into market leading CRMs for candidates, our platform will help you effortlessly keep your website candidate, user and job data in sync.



Industry leading multi-posters have pre-existing integrations with the Volcanic platform, so posting jobs and receiving candidate applications can be performed in the same way as your existing media channels.


" Volcanic make it so easy for us to plug these third party tools in so it really helps us to build even further onto the great platform we already have to ensure we’re giving our candidates as many opportunities to engage with us as possible."

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Your candidate dashboard can be configured as a single sign-on portal, so that you candidates only need to login once to seamlessly access all your services.

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Looking to do something different? We have an open API that can be used to integrate Volcanic with anything.

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