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Onboarding and project delivery

Access Volcanic websites are delivered using The Access Group's FlightPath programmes, which have been designed to provide you with a low-risk implementation journey, following well-defined key milestones and delivering timely value for you and your team. You can find out more about FlightPaths in the video and link below.

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Expert recruitment website design and UX

Meet Dimitris, one of our UK Senior Designers. Dimitris is proud to have designed over 130 websites for our clients around the globe during his time working with Volcanic, a favourite being the Accurate site. Dimitris works specifically with our clients who choose bespoke design options, and will typically carry out a design briefing meeting, a reveal meeting and then remain a point of contact throughout the design and build process.

Dimitris has championed accessible website design, creating a number of design guidelines to ensure we are creating inclusive online experiences for our customers. You can hear Dimitris' passion for this topic in our webinar joined by our Head of Design, Shanma Ahmed.

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Dimitris Georgakas, Senior Designer at Access Volcanic
Accurate Recruitment Website Design by Access Volcanic
Caroline Tamas, Customer Success Manager at Access Volcanic

Customer success plans to suit the objectives of your business

Meet Caroline, one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM), based in Sydney, Australia. Bringing combined experience in both tech and customer success, Caroline knows how to ensure her clients receive the best experience possible with their chosen software platforms.

Our Customer Success Plans help outline the measures which ensure full value out of the chosen product, and Caroline is thrilled to continue expanding this service within the APAC region.

As an Access Volcanic customer, you can benefit from either The Standard Plan or The Premier Plan. You can learn more about each of these plans via the link below.

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Hear from NRL about their Premier Plan

"We’re on a Premier Success Plan, and our CSM is always on hand to share her knowledge. This accessibility and open communication is extremely valuable to us as we manage our site and future plans. Since launching the site she’s worked with us to continually analyse its performance and look at how we drive improvements – always coming to us with things she’s noticed and ideas. If she doesn’t know the answer, she makes it her personal goal to speak to someone who does."

Access FlexPoints​: Getting more value from your recruitment website

Access FlexPoints are an allocation of points which replenish each year that our customers can use in exchange for a range of expert consulting and development services for their Access products, including Volcanic. The diagram below shows the services that FlexPoints can be used for related to your Volcanic website. For more information, speak with your sales consultant or for existing customers reach out to your Account Manager or CSM.

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Diagram displaying the various consulting and development services that can be purchased using FlexPoints for Access Volcanic customers s

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Easy online customer support for all your technical needs

Whenever our customers need technical help with their recruitment website, our customer support portal is ready. The portal can be accessed either via the link below, or can be launched directly from the Volcanic admin dashboard.

Log in and start searching to get answers to your questions, join our buzzing community to connect with other recruitment professionals like you, find on-demand and live events to help you succeed - or raise a ticket with our support team if you need expert help.

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Account management: giving you access to a broad suite of recruitment solutions

As a product under The Access Group, Volcanic sits alongside a number of solutions available to you to help you deliver an unrivalled recruitment experience. Whether you're looking to get more from your recruitment website or would like to discuss how you could benefit from other products within our recruitment operating system, your Account Manager is on hand to help.

Regular webinars: Helping you get more from your website

Our customer success and marketing teams regularly deliver webinars for our customers to ensure they continue to get value out of their recruitment website.

Check out some examples of recent webinars we've delivered, such as one run by CSMs Rebecca Benson and Darryl Edwards about the importance of image optimisation for SEO.

Rachel Kirton, Senior Product Manager, Access Volcanic

Product development and engineering

Meet Rachel, our Senior Product Manager. Rachel is responsible for the delivery of our product roadmap, and customers will be familiar with Rachel presenting our product updates either through our quarterly product broadcast or in interactive sessions for those on premier customer success plans.

Rachel also regularly works directly with our customers to gather feedback on existing or upcoming product features, or simply to gain insights into their day-to-day activities and challenges so that we can continue to deliver valuable features that will make our customers' working life easier.

Hear from our customers on their experience of working with Volcanic

Don't take our word for it, take a look at some of the success stories shared by our valued customers.

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Get expert tips and guidance from our sales and marketing team

Mastering the online candidate journey in 2023

Watch our website specialist Farhan as he joins Louise Triance on the UK Recruiter Recruitment Smarts Chat show to answer 6 important questions about the role of recruitment websites in mastering the online candidate journey.

Farhan mastering the candidate journey

​Watch recruitment smarts chat show

Prioritising DE&I features on our product roadmap

Watch our Marketing Manager, Lillie, talk about why DE&I is an important priority for us at Access Volcanic. You can watch the full session delivered at the recent Access All Areas via the link below.

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  • End-to-end support

    ​I couldn’t praise the Volcanic team enough. Our sales contact was absolutely fantastic, in fact we still speak now! He really went out of his way to support me in getting our directors on board and getting us over the line. Our project lead was also fantastic. We had weekly meetings right up until the end and he was always quick to respond to any concerns over email. We went through a challenging time as a business due to covid and staff shortages, all while going live with both a new website and our Bullhorn CRM. Our project lead was really supportive throughout this time and reassured us everything would get sorted, and it did.Of course, projects like these are never without their challenges. But since going live whenever I’ve raised an issue, the Access support team have been really responsive and have managed to resolve it. When I've reached out, I’ve been getting emails back from the team within 3-4 minutes and so the support service has been fantastic for us.

    Marketing Executive, Vanrath

  • Working with the Volcanic team

    ​From day one we couldn’t have asked for more assistance. Everything from working with the design team, implementations, education and training to more recently raising a support ticket, the team are totally responsive to our needs and that’s very reassuring. Furthermore, there’s training to help us maximise the platform that ensures we understand and can manipulate the platform to our specific needs, for example reporting, SEO tools and more. Well done to the Volcanic team for designing a process that is slick and helps us plan for the short, medium and long-term.

    Director, Sharp and Carter

  • Support that goes above and beyond

    ​From the start of the project to if I need to log a ticket for support from the team at Volcanic, everything is as I wish it to be – slick, seamless, and timely. When you add the professionalism and vision of Vishma Mistry, I have a website that has allowed DukeMed to achieve brand lift off in the best way possible

    Founder, DukeMed

  • The value of a Premier Customer Success Plan and continuous online support

    ​We’re on a Premier Success Plan, and our Customer Success Manager is always on hand to share her knowledge. This accessibility and open communication is extremely valuable to us as we manage our site and future plans. Since launching the site she’s worked with us to continually analyse its performance and look at how we drive improvements – always coming to us with things she’s noticed and ideas. If she doesn’t know the answer, she makes it her personal goal to speak to someone who does. For smaller support requests it’s really easy to log a ticket on the Customer Support Portal and these are always dealt with promptly, with our CSM stepping in if it’s a little more complicated to get to the right resolution.

    Marketing Communications Manager, NRL