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NRL Recruitment Website by Volcanic Job Search

Since launching the new website NRL have seen an 81% increase in new registrations through the Volcanic platform, with visitors spending 85% more time on the site than in the previous year on the legacy site. The number of pages viewed whilst on the site has also increased by 73%.

About NRL

NRL has provided recruitment expertise to leading engineering companies since 1985, whether they're looking to recruit key permanent technical roles, or a temporary workforce of hundreds of skilled workers.

​Following the one-year anniversary of the launch of their Volcanic website, as well as winning Best Large Recruitment Agency at The NORAs, we caught up with NRL to find out what their business looked like after implementing a candidate-centric experience powered by a SaaS website platform.

A candidate-centric website that scales with growth

As NRL has grown over the last 38 years, the Group has evolved to establish a number of different services and industry expertise. So it was clear that we needed to move our non-Recruitment services and activity to a home of their own and refocus to create a candidate centric experience, best optimised to attract and convert the right candidates. We could then ensure that all areas of our Group were serviced by a dedicated and audience focussed website.

We knew that by ensuring our new Recruitment website was candidate centric, in turn, it would help us with our client attraction and engagement. If we could demonstrate best-in-class candidate attraction and experience, making it easy to apply for jobs on our site, this would in turn be beneficial to our client base.

Having a seamless candidate experience and optimised website was also critical to support NRL as we expand into new sectors and specialisms, ensuring our jobs would be easily found by candidates across all locations.

NRL Recruitment Website displaying on iPad device

Continually evolving SaaS to benefit from industry-leading features

Volcanic’s approach centres around the candidate which is exactly what we were looking for. Equally as important was having a website that was powered by a SaaS platform, continually evolving to ensure we’re always delivering the best user experience, and in turn, converting these experience into candidate applications. It was this approach that meant we were keen to work with the team at Volcanic, to ensure our new site remained dynamic, and didn’t become ineffective in capturing and converting quality candidate applications.

We have already identified future opportunities to boost website performance by taking advantage of Volcanic’s development road map – and are excited to access the new upcoming functionality and features.

Easy adaptations, without the additional cost

As we continued to evolve our website, we wanted to introduce a new sector specialism - looking to formalise our expertise in a steadily growing new service industry. The process of adding this specialism to the website was seamless and required no additional development or investment as all the tools were readily available for us to use. Within hours we had a brand new sector live on the website, displaying the latest jobs and client testimonials to help demonstrate our specialist knowledge

NRL Sector specialisms displayed on Recruitment Website

Working with experts to bring the website to life 

Since establishing our partnership with Volcanic we’ve found everyone we interact with to be friendly and knowledgeable. From the beginning they really took the time to understand our Recruitment business and the objectives for our new site.

After a review of our very detailed brief, we were delighted with the first design concept presented – so much so that it required only slight fine-tuning before sign off.

The value of a Premier Customer Success Plan and continuous support

We’re on a Premier Success Plan, and our Customer Success Manager Claire McMahon is always on hand to share her knowledge. This accessibility and open communication is extremely valuable to us as we manage our site and future plans. Since launching the site she’s worked with us to continually analyse its performance and look at how we drive improvements – always coming to us with things she’s noticed and ideas. If she doesn’t know the answer, she makes it her personal goal to speak to someone who does.

For smaller support requests it’s really easy to log a ticket on the Access Support Desk and these are always dealt with promptly, with Claire stepping in if it’s a little more complicated to get to the right resolution.

Performance improvements

Since launching the new website NRL have seen an 81% increase in new registrations through the Volcanic platform, with visitors spending 85% more time on the site than in the previous year on the legacy site. The number of pages viewed whilst on the site has also increased by 73%.

Integrations to boost efficiencies

Our recruiters use an aggregator to manage and advertise their roles, so the ability to push live vacancies straight through to the site is invaluable. It means the marketing team can focus on creating engaging and insightful website content, knowing the site will always be up to date with the latest jobs.

Over the last 12 months we have tried and tested various marketing tactics on the site, connecting various external tools to capture and sustain the interest of our visitors. The ability to switch this on and off, has helped us to define our marketing campaign activity.

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