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We own and develop our own end-to-end technology solution, designed, built and deployed solely for the recruitment industry. It means we can deliver uniquely targeted experiences to cater for our clients' needs and specific security requirements, without compromise.

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We re-engineered our platform from the ground up, incorporating a modern micro-services architecture, to improve security, reliability, speed and more. Most importantly, it allows us to develop at a faster pace and deliver new features to our clients more regularly.

Micro-services Architecture


99.5% uptime guaranteed! We host all our sites on Amazon Web Services - the global leader in cloud computing - leveraging their expertise in security and reliability to ensure your site is highly secure and always available. We offer unlimited storage and bandwidth as standard with our hosting, and our dedicated support team means we can react quickly to any changes or issues.

AWS Hosting

"When looking at Volcanic I saw an absolute best-in-class engine that would power our website."

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Our micro-services architecture implements security by design. Private data is stored within our unique Vault architecture, secured behind multiple firewalls, security protocols and encryption in transit and at rest.

Security by Design


Instances of the Volcanic platform are geographically located all around the globe, enabling us to serve your site quickly, no matter where in the world you are. Additionally, all sites are delivered through Amazon's CloudFront CDN to ensure snappy load times.

Hosted for Speed


Our enterprise ready permissioning system allows granular control of user access to a wide range of tools and features, giving you full control of your platform. You grant different levels of access to users based on their remit.

Enterprise Roles

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