To assess recruitment success, you need to have accurate reports

At the core of any successful marketing strategy is the ability to analyse past performance and make informed decisions about future strategy. Volcanic’s in-built reporting suite provides a comprehensive toolkit that lets marketers track clients and candidates through their lifecycle - from attraction to conversion - to gain a holistic view of your website’s marketing performance.

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You shouldn’t have to learn complex specialised analytics tools to get the most out of your website investment.

By drawing the most important marketing metrics into simple, clear focus, our reporting suite makes marketing insight easy for everyone - from the individual start-ups to multinational marketing departments.

Clear and Relevant Insights

The reporting area has been so important for us. Having the visibility of what works and what hasn't worked well has enabled us to switch off job boards so that we can reallocate spend to more effective channels.

Search Consultancy

Search Consultancy


Marketers today use an increasing number of services to reach their target markets, with valuable data locked away in separate platforms.

Our reporting draws data from Google Analytics, and the Volcanic Platform’s Site and data vault into one place, so you can have confidence in comparing data from different sources without being a data expert.

google analytics
Multiple Data Sources, Single Reference Point


Simple top-line metrics may hide the truth in the data. Typical reporting solutions make it hard to drill-down and understand the causal factors of what is and isn't working, but Volcanic’s reporting tools support easy to use multi-dimensional analysis. Interrogate your data with one click, and get a deeper understanding of the root causes of your trends to drive informed actions.

Multiple Dimensions for Actionable Insight


Need to generate a custom report, or feed data to other departments for further analysis? We understand that marketing data doesn’t end with the marketing team and can add valuable insights at all stages of the recruitment process.

If you’d like to take your data and use it for other purposes, you can! Our reporting suite allows you to export your data in CSV format to use in other reporting software.

Full Data Export Functionality

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