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Diversity dashboard tracking gender and ethnicity diversity of candidate pool

Measure and report on DE&I analytics to win new business

Easily select the diversity characteristics you would like to track, and monitor progress via your integrated dashboard. Stay compliant with local laws with our global regulatory monitoring.

Demonstrate inclusive hiring processes for your clients, helping you win new business and evidence your ability to capture and report on diversity data to support your clients in achieving their goals. Strengthen your existing client relationships by having data-led discussions around the inclusivity of their candidate pipeline.

Your uniquely tailored diversity dashboard will help you to understand where diversity may be lacking in order to set benchmarks and goals to improve.

Find out how much potential revenue you could be missing out on using our quick and easy calculator.

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​Effectively capture diversity and demographic data from candidates

Provide candidates with an inclusive recruitment journey, giving them a safe space to optionally disclose their diversity characteristics, and capture data to measure against benchmarks and provide visibility of diversity data for clients.

Capture data across 8 elements, going beyond the basics, including: disability, socio-economic, religion and veteran status.

Alongside self-reported diversity data, you can also make use of predictive AI to increase your data capture by up to 90%, simply and compliantly no matter where you are based or hiring.

Candidate process to provide diversity and demographic data
Capturing candidate feedback on the application journey
  • Having integrated Diversely across the ESMOS Recruitment business in London & Dubai, it was clear to see that the Diversely platform was ahead of its game in tackling D&I for and on behalf of recruiters and businesses across the globe.

    ​A simple but highly effective platform that demonstrates a forward-thinking methodology at a few simple clicks of a keyboard. We can’t thank the Diversely team enough for all their input and customer care in helping us get setup. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get onto Diversely, now is the time to get ahead of the game as D&I is at the forefront on most global businesses. 

    Group Managing Director, ESMOS Recruitment

Screen displaying inclusive language and structure scores from the job advert bias analyser

Attract a wider talent pool with inclusive job adverts using the bias analyser

The bias analyser, developed exclusively with academics to improve the inclusivity of job adverts, easily identifies and replaces biased language in your job ads using natural language processing AI.

See your inclusivity score for every job advert, and make adjustments using the suggested copy in order to attract a broader talent pool and underrepresented groups.

This tool enables you to deliver inclusive hiring approaches to reach diversity targets and achieve transformational results for your clients, such as:

  • Up to 70% increase in diversity of candidate pipelines

  • Up to 28% increase in applicants

  • Up to 68% increase in female applicants

  • Up to 2x more relevant applicants shortlisted

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Make use of AI to reduce bias with our applicant anonymiser

Our AI-driven applicant anonymiser identifies and hides certain elements within an application that could be incorrectly used to judge the suitability of the candidate through either conscious or unconscious bias.

This means your applicants can only be shortlisted based on skills and experience, and enables you to identify more relevant and higher quality candidates for your clients.

It also saves time, research and resource when it comes to finding ways to deliver a bias-free process on behalf of your clients.

Launching in Summer 2024

Screenshot of anonymised applications within the Volcanic platform

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