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Recruiters, why bother investing in DE&I? New global research provides the answers.

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

Working in partnership with Staffing Industry Analysts, we’re proud to have recently published an in-depth global report which proves the business case for a forward-looking approach to DE&I.

Researched through global talks with over 300 recruitment and staffing industry leaders, the report is packed with eye-opening statistics, insights about attitudes and fresh approaches to DE&I. It deals with the issues that recruiters find difficult, shows why those forging ahead on diversity are boosting their bottom line and notes how new digital tools are making the difference. 

For easy digest of the key findings here's a handy infographic. 

Download full research report

Our research unearthed a wealth of data which reinforces Access Volcanic’s recent game-changing product development in the DE&I space that’s seen a suite of diversity-focused solutions built into our recruitment website platform.

DE&I is a priority for 9 out of 10 employers – so give them the data they need

As the infographic shows, and a full read of the reportmakes even more obvious, the question’s no longer whether recruiters can afford to address DE&I properly, but who can afford not to. The fact that best practice adopters are nearly three times as likely to win new business through RFPs makes the need clear.

For those unsure about the next step, Access Volcanic is fully equipped to meet the DE&I needs of candidates and clients alike. Why not find out how much potential revenue you're missing out on using our quick and easy calculator, or get in touch with our product specialists to learn more about our DE&I tools.

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