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Ep 42: Dr. Nasser Siabi OBE on how disability inclusion could be the answer to the world's problems

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​There are 1.2 billion people with disabilities in the world and so many of them are still not given the opportunity to live a full life and succeed in work and education. Dr. Nasser Siabi OBE, CEO at Microlink PC, seeks to change that. Microlink PC was built on the mission of helping people with disabilities live full lives and succeed by leveraging the power of technology.

In this episode, we discover Nasser’s inspiring journey that led him to build the organisation. Nasser suffered from a disability that made his early education a significant challenge. We learn about how he coped with the negative effects that his disability had on his confidence and how he was able to leverage the skills that he excelled in to achieve his doctorate and grow Microlink PC.

We learn about the vast array of assistive technologies that are available to ensure that even those with even severe disabilities are given the opportunity to succeed and how they can benefit employers. We also dive deep into education and how the current system is holding back children with disabilities. Nasser shares his views on the direction that the education system should be heading in so that children with disabilities are given the opportunity to nurture their talents.

Nasser’s drive and his passion for the mission are an inspiration.

In the episode we cover:

  • Nasser’s experiences with going through education with an eyesight condition.

  • The effects on confidence when a child is not performing as well as peers and siblings and how they could be better supported.

  • The assistive technologies that are available to people with disabilities.

  • The benefits of living through challenging experiences.

  • How Nasser was able to leverage his relationship-building skills to grow Microlink PC.

  • How sectors that are experiencing skills shortages can attract talent by becoming more inclusive.

  • How the education system is holding back children with disabilities.

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