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Ep 22: Why D&I is just good business and what 30 years in the industry teaches you with Paula Newby

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Millennial and Gen Z voices are calling for change. There are more people than ever desiring positions with organisations that truly reflect the world that they live in. And it all starts with an inclusive workforce that enables people to bring their whole self to work.

In this episode, we spoke with Paula Newby. Paula is the CEO and Founder of Predixa provides an AI-based business assessment software that helps organisations realise the social and economic value of their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and highlights and prioritises any issues.

Paula’s DEI values were instilled in her from an early age. And for decades, DEI has been important to her before it was even called DEI! She brought these values with her into her career in the textiles industry. In our chat, Paula shares a fascinating story of her work as a textiles buyer, where by sticking to her values, she was able to make a big impact. Through her work, she has seen that the research doesn’t lie - organisations that prioritise D&I see positive change to their top and bottom line.

We also covered:

  • Why do organisations need to be making changes?

  • How do D&I focusses change based on location?

  • How do large organisations impact their local communities and how can they improve them?

  • How to make progress by tackling the ‘low hanging fruit’.

  • What was her biggest challenge with setting up Predixa?

  • Why employment engagement surveys simply aren’t good enough.

Paula’s passion and uncompromising commitment to her values are inspiring to listen to!

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