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Six top tips to build your employer brand with your recruitment website

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Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

You’ve heard a lot about employer branding, but what does it really mean for you and your business? You're a recruitment agency and you attract plenty of candidates everyday so it will be easy to attract people to work for your business, not through it, right?

Not always. Employing the best people to work for you gives your recruitment agency every chance of success, but potential colleagues often need a lot of convincing to leave a safe job - that's where your employer branding strategy steps in. It's the window into life at your business. With digital platforms - your website and social media - being the first places people look, your recruitment website is fundamental to convincing future colleagues their next step is working with you.

If you want to create the perfect employer brand strategy for your recruitment website, speak to Volcanic. Our team of experts create websites that will communicate your unique culture and attract the best candidates explicitly for recruitment businesses. Book a demo today and we can help build your employer brand as well as help attract candidates and engage future clients.

What is employer branding and why it is important for recruitment websites?

In today's competitive job market, standing out as an employer can be a daunting task. However, a savvy approach to employer branding in recruitment can set your business apart. Let start by exploring what “employer branding” really means.

This term refers to the image and reputation of your organisation as an employer. This encompasses everything from the company culture to the benefits and opportunities available to employees. Completed in the correct manner can attract more candidates to work for you. In a digital world, employer branding leverages recruitment websites to appeal to potential candidates looking for their next career move. A strong and authentic employer brand can, and will, differentiate your business from your competition.

A good employer branding strategy isn’t just for attracting staff, it’s also imperative for retaining your current stars, too.

So now we’ve established what employer branding is and how influential your recruitment website is to attracting, and retaining, your colleagues, at Access Volcanic we’ve looked at how you can build your employer brand. Here we’veprovided plenty of practical tips you can implement immediately.

Six steps to build your employer brand with your recruitment website: 

  • Identify your target audience 

As a company, it's essential to understand who and when your targeting new staff to join your business. Your goal should be to create a strong brand identity that resonates with potential candidates while showcasing your company's values, culture, and mission. With employer branding in recruitment, you can use compelling content such as videos, testimonials, and employee stories to highlight your unique selling points as an employer. Equally, asking current members of staff to be part of your videos and other output will encourage them to stay. 

By identifying your desired target audience, you can tailor your messaging and attract the right individuals who align with your brand ethos. 

  • Define the culture of your organisation 

The culture of any business plays a critical role in creating a distinctive employer brand. As such, it provides a unique proposition to job seekers who are looking for the right career development and growth. In the current business environment, effective employer branding in recruitment has become an essential aspect of attracting and retaining talent. In fact, businesses that invest in their employer brand tend to have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting job applicants. 

  • Create job postings that reflect your employer brand 

In today's competitive job market, it's no longer enough to just advertise an open position on your website and/or job board. In order to attract the best talent, companies need to showcase their employer brand in recruitment. Employer branding defines what you stand for and how future talent will grow when they work for you. By integrating employer brand marketing into job postings, companies can communicate their values, mission, and culture to job seekers. Invite talent to your recruitment website to see what you’re all about.

This not only attracts talent, but also helps your colleagues to feel good about their role.

Take a look at some of the clients we’ve worked with and how they’ve developed their evident employer brands.

  • Develop a career page that showcases the unique value of working with you

Attracting the right talent can be an intimidating task, but having a strong employer brand can help you stand out in a crowded job market. Empower your staff to get involved – be transparent with your plans.

With our employer branding expertise, we can develop a career page for your recruitment website that showcases your company's unique value proposition and attracts top-notch candidates. Our approach to employer brand marketing highlights your organizsation's strengths and culture, giving candidates a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors. With a carefully crafted career page, you'll communicate your employer brand in a way that resonates with your ideal candidates, making you a supreme employer of choice to many.

Make sure you embed keywords and optimise the page to ensure people can find the page easily. This is a quick win you can implement immediately. 

  • Use visuals and storytelling to highlight your brand on your website 

  • Employer branding in recruitment has become a crucial and cost-effective aspect for businesses to attract future colleagues. One of the most effective ways to showcase the employer brand marketing is through a compelling storytelling approach, complemented with engaging visuals, on the recruitment website. By sharing stories of employee success and career progression, socials, discussions on your company culture and values, and highlighting your business’ great points, potential candidates are given a glimpse into what it's like to work for you and the company.

  • Make your recruitment website accessible – include everyone

By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, businesses can send a powerful message about their commitment to fairness and equality. This starts with their first interaction on the website – think fonts, colours, images and more. In turn, this can attract a more diverse pool of candidates and ultimately help to build a strong employer brand. Find out how Access Volcanic is driving accessibility first website for recruiters everywhere.

It’s not all about your recruitment website

We’ve focused on how your recruitment website can help you to build your employer brand, yet there’s also a number of tactics you can apply to complement your work via your website:

  • Utilise social media to spread awareness of your employer brand 

As businesses continue to evolve, employer branding in recruitment has become an integral aspect of attracting talent. Social media platforms have also become incredibly helpful in engaging future colleagues. By tapping into social media, businesses can showcase their employer brand through creative, engaging and shareable content. This, again, is where you lean on the goodwill of your team in situ and friends of the business to share the love of your content. By taking colleagues on your journey, they will feel engaged, accountable and happy to help.

  • Encourage the building of personal brands amongst your consultants

Beyond just traditional recruitment efforts, employer branding has become a hot topic in the world of employer brand marketing. But what does it mean to have a strong employer brand? Encouraging the development of personal brands of your consultants and other colleagues can be a powerful tool in building a strong employer brand. By showcasing the unique perspectives and skills of your team members, you can create a sense of authenticity and transparency that candidates crave. Ultimately, leveraging the personal brands of your team can help you stand out in a crowded talent market.

This is a good practice for engagement and accountability of your teams – they’ll be willing to go the extra mile and talk openly about the positive culture at your firm.


Employer branding in recruitment is essential for businesses that want to attract top talent and build a successful workforce. It helps your businesses achieve their ambitions. 

A recruitment website is central to your employer branding efforts as it gives potential candidates an insight into what it would be like to work with your company, highlighting the unique values, mission and culture of your organisation. By storytelling through your digital platforms and encouraging personal brands, businesses can create a compelling employer brand that resonates with their ideal candidates. Through developing a strong employer brand in recruitment, businesses can build an engaged and committed workforce that is aligned with the company's vision and goals. A carefully crafted recruitment website can make your business stand out amongst other competitors and be seen as an employer of choice. Investing in employer branding in recruitment is key for businesses looking to thrive in today's competitive market and attract top talent.

What are your next steps?

Are you ready to take your employer branding in recruitment to the next level? Contact Access Volcanic today and let us help you craft a compelling recruitment website that will attract top talent and give your business an edge over competitors. With our recruitment website solutions, we can help you create a robust employer brand marketing strategy that resonates with potential candidates, making your business stand out as an employer of choice. Book your free, no-obligation demonstration today.

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