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Ep 48: Do school kids need to learn about LGTBQ+? Dr Shaun Dellenty explains what happens when they don't

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Is D&I made too complicated? Isn’t it just about being kind, compassionate and accepting of the fact that people have different experiences?

In this episode, we speak with award-winning LGBT+ change agent, Shaun Dellenty. He has been in the education sector since 1996 and is also a speaker, author, present and more. Despite his impressive list of credentials, Shaun sums up his role as ‘encouraging people to be the kindest, most compassionate version of themselves’.

Shaun shares with us his story of how he got to where he is today. We learn about the response that Shaun received when he came out as the first gay male primary teacher in the UK in 2009 and how things have changed since then. Shaun suffered severe prejudice throughout school and in his home environment that led him to completely check out of education and almost, in his words, check out of the world.

Shaun shares the captivating stories of how he ended up taking professional acting roles; the reunion of Shaun and an individual who bullied him in school; and how Shaun’s career has exploded, leading him to give training programs all over the world.

We learn about how Shaun helps schools and organisations understand how they can better support LGBT+ students and colleagues. Many of these organisations are at the very start of their journey - and we talk about why that’s no bad thing.

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