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Ep 59: Autism Unpacked - Why what we've been told is all wrong with Louisa Van Vessem

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​What many of us have been told about autism is all wrong. The ‘autistic traits’ that are seen as typical don’t necessarily define everyone with autism.

In this episode, we sit down with Louisa Van Vessem, Creative Business Strategist and Mentor at Ingenious Corner. Louisa shares her journey as a solo parent raising an autistic child while managing her own late-diagnosed autism at the age of 43, along with several other health challenges. And on top of all of this, running her own business.

She reflects on the revelation she experienced during the evaluation process for autism, explaining how many aspects of her life suddenly made sense, particularly in how she navigated relationships. Before Louisa ran her own business, she worked in the corporate world. We learn what this environment was like for her as someone with autism, and why working freelance now suits her better.

Louisa also speaks to the challenging road she went down in getting her son diagnosed, and we learn about the support (or lack thereof) that’s available to children in schools. Louisa and her son’s autism shows up differently in many ways, and similarly in others. She shares a fascinating, personal story that will challenge the way you view autism.

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