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Ep 44: Empowering women and tackling toxicity in the workplace with Dalia Feldheim

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​“I’m not in the business of selling pads I’m in the business of women empowerment.” These are the words of Dalia Feldheim the author, founder, coach and speaker who’s on a mission to empower people, especially women to be the best that they can be and bring more purpose and joy into the workplace.

In this episode, we uncover Dalia’s journey from her experiences as a competitive gymnast, to her 17-year tenure at Procter & Gamble, to her entrepreneurial journey including authoring her first book - Dare to Lead Like a Girl.

We get insights into P&G India’s acclaimed ‘Touch the Pickle’ and Always’ #LikeAGirl campaigns and learn how Dalia used the organisation’s platform to tackle the inequalities that women face.

We also dive into the topic of toxic work environments and the challenges of working with bosses that have archaic leadership styles. Toxicity can stay within a company’s culture for at least 3-5 years even after the cause has been removed. Dalia shares with us how organisations can more effectively remove toxicity from their culture.

We also cover:

  • Finding your ‘Flow’ - becoming in alignment with your true purpose

  • How the skills Dalia gained through competitive gymnastics helped her in the business world

  • The first and second most effective ways of learning

  • The only strategy to bring an organisation out of a toxic environment

  • Is there still a place for women-only groups?

  • What are ‘wounded masculinity’ and ‘wounded femininity’?

  • The ‘5 Ps’ of leading from the heart

  • What is causing ‘The Great Breakup’?

  • What’s coming next for Dalia?

This is for you if you want to be inspired to find your ‘Flow’ and learn how you can start to think about leading with purpose, passion and positivity.

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