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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​11th October is National Coming Out Day in the US. That’s why in this episode, in a first for The D&Igest, we’re joined by two guests - John Volturo and Peter Gandolfo - Partner and Executive Coaches at Evolution.

Evolution offers executive coaching, facilitation and training. Mainly working with startups and tech companies, Evolution supports LGBTQ+ workers and helps organisations recognise the role they play in creating a more inclusive environment.

John and Peter share the pivotal moments in their lives that led them to pursue careers in DEI coaching. They reflect on how becoming parents influenced their career paths and the profound impact it had on their perspectives.

We learn about the challenges that gay men face in workplaces. The feelings of isolation and the challenges with being defined as 'the gay guy' in the office. These issues are clearly still prevalent in the US today, with around 50% of LGBTQ+ people still not comfortable with coming out at work.

John and Peter also share their thoughts on National Coming Out Day and what it means to them.

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