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Ep 51: What our sex lives tell us about the state of equality with Courtney Boyer

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​We are bombarded with all sorts of micro and macro messaging, daily. Often that messaging is giving us inaccurate expectations of what is expected of us both in and out of work - and it’s not doing us any good. Even those who are ‘successful on paper’ are suffering.

In this episode, we speak with relationship & sexuality expert and author of Not Tonight, Honey, Courtney Boyer. Courtney helps people with their sex lives and those who are experiencing a disconnect with their bodies.

Many women come to Courtney believing that they may be asexual. But what she often finds is that there are other factors at play, causing a lack of sexual desire. Courtney gives us her insights into what those factors are. We speak about gender and the differences between the issues that men and women come to her with.

Courtney also speaks on pleasure and sensuality, and how while these are often linked with sex, they are something that we should all be connecting with in our everyday lives. And finally, Courtney gives us insights into what she is aiming to achieve with her book and the moment that led her to write it.

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