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Ep 41: The shocking D&I disparities across the EU and what we can learn from Spain with Diego Lazaro

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Which comes first, diversity or inclusion? This week we sit down with Diego Lazaro, Madrid-based LGBT+ specialist in the HR space. Diego believes that inclusion should be considered first and foremost, to ensure that an inclusive environment is available to anyone who joins an organisation.

Diego launched his own consultancy, BE DIVERSE, which supports businesses on inclusion for the LGBT+ community. We dive into his journey and his motivations to start the organisation. And Diego offers practical, actionable advice for businesses looking to become more inclusive.

Diego speaks openly about the challenges he faced as a gay person growing up in an environment without other openly LGBT people or role models. After moving to London, he found that while he was able to open up in his social life, he was unable to be himself when he started working. We also speak about why attitudes towards D&I and work are so drastically different across Europe and how things are evolving.

In this episode, we cover -

  • The difference between diversity and inclusion and why it matters

  • What does LGBT+ training for businesses look like?

  • Which kinds of companies are typically seeking out LGBT+ consultation

  • What the figures say about diverse workplaces

  • The geographical and generational cultural differences with people’s approach to work

  • Why Diego had to go “back in the closet” when he started working

  • Why coming out is a life-long journey, not just a one-time event

  • Why many are still unable to be their authentic selves in the workplace

  • What does it mean to be an ally and why is allyship important?

Don’t miss this fascinating episode packed with guidance for your organisation and support for LGBT people in the workplace.

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