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Ep 17: How to find your cross-generational power and purpose to lead with Shelley Jeffcoat

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​What is your PIE? What has made you proud, has inspired you and has empowered you today?

In this episode, we’re joined by Shelley Jeffcoat, founder, director, mentor, author and so much more. We learn about her inspiring story, from growing up in Jamaica to her impressive career in the tech industry starting as a field engineer, her roles at HP, IBM and AT&T and her current position as founder of LCM Group - a black-owned business that seeks to create a community to encourage and inspire others to make positive changes and lead a successful life. And she still has time to be a Mum!

We also asked Shelley about -

  • Her passion for education

  • Her views on how diversity and the conversations around it have changed in recent years, particularly in the tech sector

  • The difficulties she has faced as a black woman in tech and how she achieved success

  • And her wonderful book series What’s My PIE?

Shelley also shares some valuable job seeking tips that could help you to find your calling and find the culture and environment that’s right for you.

We hope that this episode will inspire you to start thinking about what you’re proud of and what you feel empowered by!

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