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Ep 37: Cindy Gallop on what's wrong with IWD and how to beat workplace discrimination

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​For International Women’s Day, we speak with Cindy Gallop, the self-proclaimed “Michael Bay of business”. Cindy is a force to be reckoned with and brings with her thought-provoking and divisive opinions on women’s rights and IWD.

She shares her inspiring story of 38 years in brand building, marketing and advertising and her journey as a founder since 2005. We learn about her revolutionary businesses, and her transformative coaching offering that empowers women in their careers to expand their opportunities and take back their confidence.

We discuss IWD's meaning and execution, and Cindy offers her unique perspective on why it has become a farce in her eyes. She also shares her experiences of navigating a male-dominated industry and we discuss why we desperately need more women on corporate boards.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What is the value of International Women’s Day?

  • What is wrong with International Women’s Day and how can we fix it?

  • Why Cindy is calling for women to ‘start their own industry’

  • What makes business worth supporting for Cindy?

  • Why Cindy has become a true believer in the power of LinkedIn

  • The reason that those at the top aren’t interested in making meaningful change

  • The benefit of repelling the people you don’t want to work with

  • Is leaving a toxic organisation the right solution? Or can women make change from within?

  • Cindy’s unique fundraising strategy that is especially powerful for female founders

Join us to hear from a true disruptor who has been blowing up the status quo for decades and shows no signs of slowing down!

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