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Ep 40: The role of DEIB professionals across the world with Mogul's Top 100 DEIB Leader, Tam Hanlon

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​If you set up an office in a new region, you'd research the business climate, talent pools, legal frameworks and customise your global strategy for that market. Why would it be any different with DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging)?

In this episode we speak with Tam Hanlon, top 100 DEIB leader by Mogul, currently heading DEIB EMEA at Indeed, about the exciting and challenging role of DEIB and the importance of understanding the lived experience of your communities - through data.

Tam gives us some fascinating insights into how her career evolved from an Olympic athlete to a DEIB leader, with one common thread - making people's lives better. She shares the important skills that have helped her navigate her role and the importance of adapting global strategies, such that they make sense at a country level and deliver meaningful outcomes for local employees and communities.

We cover in this episode:

  • How Tam found her purpose and the many roles she took to get there

  • The importance of continuous learning

  • Why we’re seeing an exponential rise in DEIB related roles on LinkedIn profiles

  • Why data is the key to removing structural and behavioural bias

  • The reasons why the fast decision making environment within tech can negatively affect growth from a DEIB perspective

  • Is the cliché of “change has to come from the top” accurate?

  • Why organisations need to be investing in DEIB now to not get left behind

  • The challenges with regulations around accessing data

Tam’s passion for DEIB is obvious from our conversation. She is able to articulate her expertise in an understandable way and for anyone wanting to know more about DEIB, this episode is for you.

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