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Ep 43: Why D&I legislation is crucial for success and what it’s achieved so far with Kristen Anderson

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Diverse boards make better business decisions. The data doesn’t lie! And without specific and measurable targets, we’re in for a much bumpier ride in making the progress that is needed.

In this episode, Kristen Anderson, CEO of European Women on Boards joins us for a fascinating chat. European Women on Boards (EWOB) is a non-profit with the sole objective to have more gender diversity in decision-making around Europe. EWOB provides training and networking opportunities, as well as working with recruiters to find diverse talent pools.

Kristen shares with us how the organisation came to be and gives us insights into the EU directive for women on boards. The legislation was initially rejected and we find out why. In November 2022, the legislation was passed, and Kristen speaks on why this was essential for progress and how EWOB has changed since.

We learn about Kristen’s journey into D&I and why she chose the space. We speak about the impacts of women getting board positions. We also discuss the relationship between HR and D&I and how everyone has to work together to make progress. And finally, we speak about the common anti-diversity traps that many hiring managers fall into, and Kristen shares plenty of top tips on how organisations can become more diverse.

In the episode we cover:

  • Why Kristen made the move into D&I and how she got the CEO position at European Women on Boards

  • Why legislation and metrics are essential

  • The discriminatory hiring quiz that led to Kristen turning down a job offer

  • What is proximity bias and how it’s become a new challenge in recent years

  • Why we should be focusing on progress over perfection

  • Why D&I specialists are leaving

  • D&I’s relationship with HR

  • How to get involved with EWOB

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