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Ep 28: NatWest's Elliott Higgins on actionable D&I tips to improve inclusivity

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

Sometimes, even small changes that an organisation makes can make a huge difference.

Elliott Higgins shares their story as both a Senior Innovation Scout and LGBT+ Network Partnerships Lead for NatWest. As Senior Innovation Scout, Elliott looks for new emerging technologies and how they can help NatWest serve its customers better. And as LGBT+ Network Partnerships Lead, Elliott runs partnerships to better support LGBT+ colleagues and customers.

In our conversation, we find out how Elliott reached this position and the challenges that they faced on that journey. We speak about the rise of niche technologies that target smaller subsections of the market. Elliott also shares with us some fantastic examples of small changes organisations should be making that make a huge positive difference for customers and colleagues.

We also cover:

  • Elliott’s experiences with coming out to their family and the opportunities that university presented

  • Elliott’s path through education that landed them their senior role

  • An excellent example of how to explain they/them pronouns to those unsure

  • How the Rainbow Network has improved the experiences of LGBT+ people for NatWest

  • Using challenging experiences to your advantage

Tune in to Elliott’s fascinating journey.

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