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Ep 15: Mita Mallick on her struggles with bullies, being a storyteller and studying human behavior to remove bias from the workplace

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​In this week's episode of The D&Igest we have the Head of DE&I at Carta- Mita Mallick. With over 15 year of experience as a Storyteller working with some iconic brands like AVEENO, Vaseline and Dove, to name a few- she is now doing some revolutionary work to create inclusive workplaces and communities.

Mita talks to us about growing up as a daughter to immigrant parents, as a young girl who was continuously bullied, her journey through studying Anthropology, working on some incredible campaigns with stars like Viola Davis and now making a change in the DE&I space.

Tune in to listen to her story!

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