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Ep 38: The importance of white male ally-ship and its vital role in D&I with Kris Clelland

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​We’ve all heard the adage of ‘thinking outside the box’ - but when it comes to tackling D&I challenges, maybe we should forget the box entirely…

In this episode, we speak with Kris Clelland. Kris founded his own advisory and workshop provider last year, offering talent strategy, management and development in the D&I space. Kris brings a wealth of experience within tech and D&I, having previously worked at AWS and having sat on women's groups to advocate for underrepresented groups and minorities within businesses globally.

Kris’ experiences in IT showed him that the IT sector often has the biggest gaps within diversity metrics. This is what propelled him towards taking action in the D&I space. Kris was willing to have the difficult conversations that others weren’t. He advocates for those in privileged positions to support underrepresented groups. We also explore D&I tech and we speak about why having the right technology and data is essential.

We also cover:

  • Do clients actively choose not to work with organisations that don’t put D&I at the forefront?

  • Is your organisation inadvertently pigeonholing the available talent pool?

  • Is the lack of women in tech something we can solve now? Or is it a pipeline problem?

  • Can we completely remove our biases?

  • What else is out there currently in terms of D&I tech?

  • The one thing Kris wants to ‘move the needle’ on most when it comes to D&I

So join us for this no-holds-barred conversation with Kris on D&I, tech, and everything in between!

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