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Ep 23: Why white male privilege can be good for D&I, with Robert Baker

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​How can people in privileged positions use their power for good?

In this episode of The D&Igest, we spoke with Robert Baker, CEO of Potentia Talent Consulting. Robert spent over 40 years of his career at Mercer, before deciding to focus on consultancy within the D&I space. He is a social activist with a passion for justice and fairness and strives to make a difference.

Robert shares with us the story of his lived experience. He grew up around strong women and came from a working-class background. This, amongst other experiences, helped inspire him to become a voice for D&I. We discussed how he has used his position of privilege to stand up for people from underrepresented backgrounds and what organisations need to be doing to change for the better.

Our conversation also covered:

  • What changes did Robert see during his 40+ years at Mercer?

  • How organisations can offer more flexibility to parents

  • The great resignation that organisations are currently facing and the power of talent

  • How ‘work-life balance’ has become ‘work-life integration’

  • How to be an ally

Robert’s perspective is well worth tuning in for!

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