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Ep 56: What dwarfism can teach us ALL and how resilience is always the answer with Marie-Liesse Calméjane

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Marie-Liesse Calméjane shares with us her powerful journey of resilience, in this episode. Marie-Liesse started her career in communications and marketing at Danone in France. After she moved with her family to Asia, Marie-Liesse’s fourth child was diagnosed achondroplasia, a rare genetic condition which is the most common form of dwarfism.

Marie-Liesse gives us a look into her experiences as a parent of four and a parent to a child with dwarfism. We learn about how she found support as an expat and how her son was supported by his schools and siblings.

Transitioning into coaching, Marie-Liesse now works with the Resilience Institute, helping companies equip their leaders and teams to navigate life and work. Resilience has become a running theme of Marie-Liesse’s life and now her work.

She speaks about the support she found from the non-profit Little People of America and how we should be challenging the misconceptions surrounding dwarfism and what needs to change for a more inclusive future.

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