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Ep 21: Mass discrimination in LGBTQ+ healthcare and the revolutionary solution, with Justin Ayars

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​56% of the US’ 40 million LGBTQ+ healthcare patients still experience discrimination. 28% don’t bother to seek care. And of those that do, only 12% fully come out to their healthcare providers as their authentic selves. For people within the LGBTQ+ community, feeling safe within a healthcare setting is not a given.

This is what has driven Justin Ayars to start EqualityMD, the “ of telehealth” as he describes it, which connects LGBTQ+ patients with culturally competent mental health providers to deliver inclusive, personalised care.

In this episode, Justin guides us through his journey to building EqualityMD. Justin is a serial entrepreneur. In early 2020, he rebranded his data analytics company into EqualityMD. He wanted to offer a medical provider that made people feel safe. And as 72% of people within the LGBTQ+ community consider mental health as a primary healthcare concern, starting out by offering mental health care was the clear path to take.

Justin shares some fascinating insights into the difficulties he has faced with being unable to show his true authentic self when it comes to seeking healthcare and during his career in law. He also shares with us the number one way that organisations can both impact their bottom line and improve their ability to hire and retain the best talent and increase productivity.

We also asked Justin:

  • How has growing up in a supportive environment helped him?

  • Have things improved within the legal profession?

  • How are people within the LGBTQ+ community being mistreated within healthcare settings?

  • What is the future for EqualityMD and is he planning on bringing the tech overseas?

Tune in and learn more about Justin’s journey and his incredible new solution.

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