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Ep 55: Why inclusion isn't working for you and your business and how to fix it with Heeral Gudka

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Creating an inclusive environment takes continuous work. Heeral Gudka, Founder of Convergent, joins us in this episode to talk about her pragmatic approach to EDI. Heeral helps businesses implement long-lasting, strategic EDI initiatives. We dive deep into how this looks in action, and how Heeral ensures that these initiatives stick.

D&I professionals are quitting and D&I roles are being cut from some organisations. Heeral tells us why in this episode. Convincing leaders to take D&I seriously and getting buy-in from teams formed from lasting motivations is a challenge. We speak about how to get that buy-in, and why some organisations experiencing a fading interest in creating an inclusive environment.

Heeral tells us that she keeps her characteristics out of D&I conversations and doesn’t specialise in training for any one particular characteristic or within a specific field. She tells us why she belives getting too specific is less effective.

She gives us a behind-the-scenes look at which kinds of organisations are seeking her help, and who in these organisations are spearheading D&I strategies as well as the spark that pushes them to reach out and take that next step. Heeral also shares with us how businesses can get started on this journey and make it a positive one.

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