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Ep 36: Moving towards unconscious competency in D&I with Magda Shakallis

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Moving from a conscious effort towards an unconscious D&I competency that everyone in an organisation has is where we really need to focus on, explains Magda Shakallis in this episode.

Magda is a supply chain, logistics and procurement specialist, having held many roles across a number of multinationals.

Throughout her career, Magda has overcome significant challenges and expectations, being a working mother of two in a mostly male industry. She shares with us her insights on how she navigated these challenges. We dive deep into the realities of being a working parent and Magda offers advice for others in this position. She uncovers the sacrifices that she had to make as a working parent and we discuss the options (or lack thereof) that are available.

We also discuss the importance of inclusive leadership and how in her role she is addressing diversity and inclusion through group and mandatory diversity training for managers.

We speak about the future of D&I, and finally, Magda offers her three recommendations for making D&I stick.

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In the episode we cover:

  • Overcoming the challenges of being a working parent

  • Is there a solution outside of starting one's own business?

  • How did Magda’s team react to a female factory manager?

  • What does inclusive leadership mean and how is Magda bringing it to her people?

  • What are the greatest challenges ahead when it comes to diversity and inclusion

  • Magda’s three recommendations for making D&I stick.

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