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Ep 19: How can being a 'disabled, gay man' positively shape lives, careers and ambitions? With Toby Mildon

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Is your organisation diverse? Or is it diverse …ish?

Today, we’re speaking with Toby Mildon. Toby is the founder and director of Mildon, an organisation that helps companies implement effective diversity and inclusion. Before he started on his entrepreneurial journey, Toby helped some of the UK’s largest companies, such as BBC and Deloitte to bring better diversity and inclusion into their workplaces.

Toby shares with us his inclusive growth philosophies and how embracing them can help organisations grow and prosper. We speak about issues that organisations face with treating D&I as a box-ticking exercise and how they could be benefiting from thinking holistically about D&I and the all-round human experience.

Key questions answered:

  • What elements does Toby usually have to tackle within D&I?

  • What does diversity really mean?

  • How has Toby’s lifelong disability and being gay shaped his career?

  • Why organisations should be thinking holistically about D&I and what this looks like

  • What led Toby to move on from his previous D&I management roles and create his own consultancy

Listen and discover how you can embrace holistic diversity and inclusion to help your organisation thrive.

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