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Ep 32: The crucial role of rebellious thinking in DE&I and why performative behaviours fail with Jo Major

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​After her experiences working for an organisation that was rife with hiring inequalities, Jo Major, Founder of Diversity in Recruitment, embarked on a personal journey to become a catalyst for change.

Jo works with recruiters through training, advice and consultancy, to help them confront their ED&I responsibilities within the recruitment process. Jo’s role starts right from the beginning. She introduces ED&I concepts to organisations and helps them to connect their ED&I strategy to their recruitment processes. In addition, she guides organisations through thinking about how they are engaging with underrepresented talent and tackling overrepresentation.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Jo’s exposure to social injustice from a young age put her on a path to become a champion for ED&I

  • The disruptor that empowered Jo to become a catalyst for change

  • The problem with specific university requirements in hiring

  • How the organisation that Jo worked in repressed her true self

  • Jo’s response to an all-male recruitment panel

  • Being honest with one’s own past mistakes, being willing to take criticism and taking responsibility by engaging in self-education

  • How can we make sure candidates can show up as their authentic selves?

Jo is an inspiration to those of us who want to do better, and help others to do better.

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