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Ep 58: The journey to non-violent communication to resolve racial conflict with Roxy Manning

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Dr. Roxy Manning didn’t initially realise how much race was impacting her experience as a black immigrant in the US, but she faced racism in numerous forms throughout her education - despite her aptitude for learning. The effects racism had on her education were exemplified when she wrote a brilliant paper which awarded Roxy an F, being told that “Black folks can’t write like that”.

In this episode, Dr. Roxy Manning shares with us an incredibly transparent look into her background and helps us understand her specialism in non-violent communication. Roxy is a speaker, consultant and psychologist and is the author of two recently published books - The Antiracist Heart and How to Have Antiracist Conversations.

Roxy’s family emigrated from Trinidad to the US, where her parents became hands-on advocates for change. We learn about Roxy’s work with schools and organisations in teaching non-violent communication as a way of getting across our message with compassion - and as a way of being more compassionate with ourselves. Roxy shares with us the ‘lightbulb moments’ that her clients go through as a result.

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