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Ep 54: What support for neurodivergent children should look like with J Grange

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​For ADHD Awareness Month, we’re speaking with musician, international public speaker and neurodiversity advocate, J Grange. In episode 49, we spoke with J Grange’s dad. In this episode, we hear the other half of his incredible story, from J’s perspective.

J struggled throughout his childhood with being misunderstood and not being supported at school. He shares with us his story of the challenge of navigating school with undiagnosed ADHD which led him to feel isolated and suicidal.

Since being diagnosed with ADHD, J has experienced a meteoric rise in his music career and is now a figurehead for neurodiversity globally. J takes his experiences into schools to raise awareness and to improve understanding amongst teachers and help children feel supported.

J also shares the story of the one teacher who did make him feel supported, the person who brought him back from the brink, and he lays out how teachers should be supporting neurodivergent children.

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