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Ep 33: What recruitment is missing from its D&I approach and how to fix it with Jennie Child

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Helen McGuire
by Helen McGuire

​Organisations embarking on D&I initiatives must be considering the WHY, not just the WHAT, to avoid falling into the trap of performative D&I in order to see real results.

Jennie Child is the Director & Founder of Balance - an inclusive hiring consultancy that helps companies achieve intentionally inclusive and bias-free hiring. Jennie built up 20 years of experience in recruitment prior to starting Balance, and in this episode, she offers her expert insights into the challenges we face and the possible solutions.

We speak about D&I through the lens of marketing, and how underrepresentation within marketing teams can result in losing those markets. We speak on the gender pay gap and how auditing ignited the conversation around female representation. Many organisations today and still unaware that there is even a problem. And some of those that are aware, remain comfortable only tackling one aspect of D&I.

We also cover:

  • Where are the pressures really coming from to hire inclusively?

  • What was the trigger that led Jennie down the D&I path?

  • Why data is so vital to inclusive hiring and the pitfalls you need to be aware of when it comes to data collection and storage

  • Why the typical nine-to-five working day often isn’t the best for getting the most out of a neuro-divergent person

  • The challenges that people face when returning to work after a career break

  • The reasons why organisations are trying inclusive hiring initiatives and the mindset that they must hold in order for them to be successful

If you want to learn more about how to avoid D&I pitfalls within your organisation, our chat with Jennie is essential listening!

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