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Ep 9: Why the pay gap has NOTHING to do with gender and how to tackle it instead with Vidir Ragnarrson

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Hayley Bakker
by Hayley Bakker

​"The pay gap is not about gender, it's about meritocracy" - Pay equity advocate and consultant Vidir shares how a system of meritocracy (and analytics) has helped him eliminate the gender pay gap within 5 years in this episode of the Diversely Podcast - The D&Igest.

Head of Consulting at PayAnalytics and notable speaker on fair-pay, Vidir Ragnarsson is our guest and shares his unexpected journey from the Icelandic energy sector to D&I and global pay gap advocate.

Vidir and Hayley talk about global trends in pay gaps, which approaches have helped him to successfully reduce and ultimately eliminate the gender pay gap in his previous company and how he's helping other companies to tackle this thorny topic across the globe.

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