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Trinnovo Team
  • Partnering with suppliers who prioritise bridging diversity gaps

    ​Diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) is embedded in the values of Trinnovo Group. This is something we prioritise not just in terms of our own internal staff, but the candidates we recruit for our client base. We have four community groups that specialise in different areas of DIB, Pride in tech, Race in STEM, Ex-military Careers and Women in DevOps. We also hold ourselves accountable for this with an annual impact report, which shows our clients where we measure against key target metrics, and also helps us identify areas for improvement. Seeing Volcanic prioritise DIB and offer guidance to customers on how to be more inclusive and accessible just confirms that we've chosen the right supplier. We want to partner with organisations that place the same importance on bridging diversity gaps as we do, and that presents opportunities for us to work collectively to make a difference.

    Chief Marketing Officer, Trinnovo Group

  • Multiple touchpoints to drive performance and success

    ​We've chosen a Premier Success Plan and from the interaction I've had with my Customer Success Manager so far I feel confident that this will enable us to drive performance for our websites. It feels reassuring to have the dedicated strategic and technical support on-hand as well as an Account Manager from a commercial perspective. Having these different touchpoints throughout the business helps us to build the relationship because as a customer it feels you're being prioritised and you have various specialists to speak to about different requests. It also just helps speed up our processes and so this aligns better with the speed at which we work as a business.

    Digital Marketing Lead, Trinnovo Group

The requirements

  • Drive lead generation across multiple staffing specialisms

  • Amplifying unique selling proposition and boosting online brand presence

  • Speed and quality of responsiveness for support, aligned with the pace of a leading multi-brand agency

  • Premier Success Plan for a multiple touchpoints to drive success

Trinnovo Group and Trust in Soda websites by Access Volcanic
  • Working with a supplier that understands our business

    As a leading multi-brand agency, we needed to work with a credible supplier who specialised in the recruitment industry. Our Marketing Director had used Volcanic at a previous company so could vouch for the platform's capabilities to enable us to achieve our goals. Our main objectives for the site were lead generation and amplifying our unique brand proposition in the market. It was really important to us that we could find a supplier who could represent our brand exactly as we wanted without restrictions. Volcanic took the time to understand who we were as a business and that is truly reflected across our websites.

    Digital Marketing Lead, Trinnovo Group

  • On-hand support working collaboratively to achieve a collective goal

    ​With our previous website supplier we were dissatisfied with the level of support provided, and in particular slow response times. This just didn't match the speed at which we needed to move in order to achieve our goals. The experience with Volcanic has been the complete opposite. Of course with a project of this scale we would never expect it to be without issues, but the speed and quality of responses has been excellent. The support team are always on hand to deal with our requests and the willingness to work together to resolve any issues has taken a lot of stress out of the experience because you feel you're working collaboratively to achieve a collective goal.

    Chief Marketing Officer, Trinnovo Group

BioTalent and Broadgate Staffing recruitment websites by Access volcanic

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