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DE&I Progress Report: BioTalent - Part One

Welcome to the The Progress Report! In this series, we reveal how recruitment agency leaders are using Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to get ahead.  Whether they've only just made a start or leading the pack, we take a snapshot on what DEI means to them, what business imperatives they see around it and how they use it to increase their competitive advantage.  With valuable insights on the benefits, challenges and goals for the staffing industry around DEI, our host - Diversely's co-founder, Helen McGuire - revisits each guest three months later to see what impact Volcanic's inclusive recruitment tools have made on their business.

Episode one: BioTalent

James Cox, CEO of BioTalent
with James Cox, CEO of BioTalent

In our very first episode, we welcome James Cox, original founder and now CEO of BioTalent - a life sciences recruitment agency with a presence in the UK and US. James talks us through why DEI has been a core tenet of his recruitment business from day one and how he brings that to life, along with the multiple challenges he's faced around data and how he now hopes to overcome them using Volcanic. James is a passionate advocate for DEI because he's seen the real-world advantages it brings. This is why he does it.

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