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  • Creating the cornerstone of Levyl's digital marketing to build relationships with candidates and clients

    As a new brand, the growth of your business comes from your website – it sets the tone of who you are and what you stand for, so it was important to us to find a partner we could work with to get this look and feel right. We felt working with a recruitment sector specialist was key for understanding what we were trying to achieve. What I love about our Volcanic website is that it has created a cornerstone hero product for what is the marketing of Levyl. It encapsulates what we stand for as a business, our values, our jobs, our philanthropic work, our diversity and inclusion program. We now drive traffic from all our other marketing channels to the Levyl website because we know we have this central hub where we can create and build relationships with our communities and generate new work.

    Founder & CEO, Levyl

  • Bringing the energetic, fun, and contemporary vision of the Levyl brand to life

    Our goal with the creation of the Levyl website was to create an experience for our candidates and clients. When observing our brand for the very first time we knew these customers would decide whether to build a relationship with us and use us for their HR recruitment needs- or not. We wanted our customers to think “energetic, professional, fun, modern” when they looked at our website and understand that this winds through our company culture. Levyl has a unique brand identity and through our diversity and inclusion work we are real disruptors in the way that clients can gain value from a traditional agency. We do feel that our website projects our warmth and desire to give back. It communicates our values, our identity and our energy to market. After completing research and competitor analysis, we found that a lot of our peers in market were using very similar website themes and styles that weren't particularly friendly or modern. Nothing seemed to stand out. In starting out as a new organisation we knew we needed to achieve a high impact first impression and Volcanic have certainly achieved this with the digital platform they have created to represent us.

    Founder & CEO, Levyl

Hear directly from Levyl's Founder & CEO, Sarah Bolitho

Watch the video below to learn how the Levyl brand vision has been brought to life through the creation of a digital journey powered by Volcanic.

Insights section on Levyl recruitment website by Access Volcanic
  • Timely and responsive onboarding and support experience, opening doors to extension projects with other specialist suppliers

    Our onboarding experience was great; I found the team very responsive. They were specialist in their focus which was really helpful because it meant if there were small issues along the way, these were quickly identified and resolved. We were able to stick to timelines and we've been referred different subject matter experts external to Volcanic for extension projects, such as Recite Me. We’ve since added Recite Me's fantastic accessibility toolbar on the top of our website, which enables our customers to personalise their digital journey with Levyl, whether that means translating text to a different language or changing the background colours or font colours and more. The platform used to raise helpdesk requests is also really good. You get recognition of your request immediately and within 24 hours we normally have any issues resolved. Generally speaking, the team at Volcanic have been fantastic and proactive in bringing insightful suggestions as to how we can improve our user experience and make the best use of the functionality available to us.

    Founder & CEO, Levyl

  • Driving a for-purpose for-profit strategy to give back to people and communities in need

    Giving back is in the DNA of Levyl. Very early on we decided that we wanted to drive a strong for-purpose for-profit business strategy, and I've been an active ambassador for the Children's Cancer Institute (CCI) for several years now. So, when we launched Levyl we ran a profit campaign where we donated back 5% of every recruitment fee to the CCI, and since then we've been able to profile these results on our website. My personal view is that as a leader in business, it's no longer good enough to build a great business, hire good people, and be good at your job, I really believe we should all be going that extra mile to give back and work with people and communities in need. That's absolutely a core part of who we are here at Levyl.

    Founder & CEO, Levyl

Recite Me accessibility toolbar on Levyl's recruitment website by Access Volcanic

Learn more about Levyl's High Potential Program

We love putting a spotlight on the great work our customers deliver, especially when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. Levyl's High Potential Program is designed to help those with lived experience from minority backgrounds get into formative positions within HR with employers who are invested in and committed to building genuine diverse and inclusive workforces.

You can participate in this program as a both a candidate and client. Head over to the Levyl website to learn more.

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