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37Talent recruitment website by Access Volcanic
  • Volcanic's solution offered us the bespoke service that we were looking for

    We did a lot of research, and Volcanic helped guide us through the whole process and find a solution that was tailored to our business. Even though it was more expensive than some of the other options we'd reviewed, it was totally worth the extra money to have service as good as this. Obviously creating a new brand is a big journey to go on and it's not something I'm an expert in, but the Volcanic team really guided me through the process. We got there, and this was made possible because of the help of the team, their ease of availability and smooth delivery. The whole team were brilliant, the service I received was so bespoke I felt as though I was the only client.

    Founder, 37Talent

  • Creating a complete brand solution across all marketing assets

    ​I designed our logo and guided on the colour palette, and the Volcanic team took this and created an entire brand. All our LinkedIn and social branding, our capability statements, sales decks, everything we send out now has the same look and feel as the website. The Volcanic design team created templates in Canva which I can now use and customise knowing that all my content will fall within our brand guidelines. We've been given a complete brand solution rather than being given a website and trying to figure out how the rest of our content works with it.

    Founder, 37Talent

37Talent brand solution created by Access Volcanic
  • Guidance and insight on best-practice candidate UX

    In the design process, we talked about the flow and the user experience and understand how the candidate would view and navigate our website. Even down to things like placement of buttons, the Volcanic design team offered insight as to where they should be located and how that would impact the user journey. So we utilised the experience of the Volcanic team which enabled us to really understand what a best practice candidate experience looks like.

    Founder, 37Talent

  • A show-stopping brand that is capturing attention

    ​The feedback we've received from the market has been amazing. We're getting really good traction on the jobs we're posting, and we've already seen an uplift in visitors to the site. I've had people reaching out to me asking me where we got our branding done, and I've even had investors get in touch curious to know what we're up to! So we're already seeing the work pay-off and it's fantastic to see it land so well with our audience and the wider market.

    Founder, 37Talent

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