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Mantell Associates Executive Search Website by Volcanic

About Mantell Associates

Mantell Associates (MA) is a multidiscipline global Life Science and Pharmaceutical Headhunting Firm, focused on providing staffing solutions, in particular to the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, CDMO/CMO, CRO, Medical Device, and Life Science Consulting sectors with our headquarters based in the City of London.

Read our case study to understand how since working with Volcanic, MA has achieved the following results:

  • Total monthly users increased by average of 80% with new Volcanic website

  • Organic acquisition increased by average of 30% with new Volcanic website

  • Direct acquisition increased by average of 100% with new Volcanic website

  • Total and unique views doubled with new Volcanic website

Moving to Volcanic was a no-brainer

Our old site was hosted on WordPress, and the website just didn’t operate how we needed it to and we were unable to produce content that truly reflected the MA brand. We couldn’t get job applications through it, and every time we needed to make any change to the content, we’d have to ask our development company to make that change for us, so it was really quite frustrating.

My previous employer used Volcanic for their website, so I already had a positive impression of the way Volcanic worked, such as the support capabilities where you can log and manage cases online. I knew it was so much better than what we were currently using, and so it was a no brainer to move to Volcanic.

Content management capabilities that enable MA to deliver quality, optimised thought-leading content through their website

Our new Volcanic site is not just targeted towards clients or candidates, it’s very much a 50/50 focus. As a company we’ve established ourselves as an executive search firm, and so we wanted to be able to showcase content that positions us as industry thought leaders, such as our podcast and weekly articles. The content management capabilities of the Volcanic platform have absolutely enabled us to do this.

We've utilised the tag management system to easily deliver different types of content across our site, such as our podcast and weekly insight articles. We had a lot of help from the Volcanic team at the beginning to understand how to set up this content effectively and from that point it has run really smoothly. Especially compared to our old site where even uploading a blog post felt like a chore!

The on-page editing tool has also been hugely helpful. Being able to load your content directly on the front-end of your site makes it so much easier in terms of spotting mistakes and quickly being able to make amendments. 

SEO was also a key driver for us moving to Volcanic. With our old site we were not showing up on Google and we had tried for about 8 months to make progress in this area with very little results, and since moving to Volcanic we’ve seen a massive improvement in our Google rankings.

​Check out the Mantell Associates Podcast

Supporting employer branding objectives

Our Volcanic site is also supporting our employer branding objectives as we currently have a massive push on hiring in line with our growth ambitions. Through the bespoke design options available to us with Volcanic Pro, we chose one of the bespoke pages to be our Join Us page.

​Check out the Mantell Associates Join Us page

Benefitting from a SaaS platform that powers 1800+ websites globally

We love that our website is powered by the same SaaS platform that is used by much larger agencies than ours, as we know that many of these agencies have bigger marketing teams who request features that then get rolled out across the entire platform which we can then benefit from. Then when you factor in that the platform is regularly updating just puts it in another league.

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