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Nurseplus UK homepage in desktop view by Access Volcanic
  • We decided to create two separate sites to focus messaging to two distinct audiences: Candidates and clients.

    ​Our candidate site focuses specifically on the needs of job seekers that generate applications. We’ve really focused on our content here that helps candidates understand more about what we do and where, and then supporting their application. Volcanic's content management system has helped us hugely in that regard. Our second website is client-focused and promotes our homecare brand “Nurseplus Care at home”. This site is aimed at marrying up the needs of those seeking care in their home with our range of homecare services. Again, dynamic content has allowed us to send the right messaging to the right target audience, heightening the user experience and helping with the growth of our business.

    Head of Marketing, Nurseplus UK

  • An outcome-focused relationship with Volcanic has helped to deliver more than satisfactory results.

    ​From the very outset of working with the team at Access Volcanic it was straightforward and refreshing. The team were very open to our ideas and we liked that. The design teams took on our brief and we worked collaboratively to combine Volcanic’s knowledge of user experience, accessibility and more with our brand vision and messaging. Ultimately, we’re very happy with the outcome. The designs are sharp, eye-catching, and importantly, match our criteria for what a website should be. We achieved by having a regular planned feedback loop, along with helpful onboarding and support. Checkpoints helped to achieve our targets for delivery, training and go live.

    Head of Marketing, Nurseplus UK

The brief:

  • Create a candidate-focused site to drive applications.

  • Create a client-focused website to increase awareness and generate new client enquiries.

  • Maintain a consistent brand look and feel across both sites, while catering content and positioning to two different audiences.

  • Create quick and easy user journeys on both sites to ensure our users can get to what they're looking for as quickly as possible.

Nurseplus websites on multiple devices by Access Volcanic
  • Since launching our new client-focused website, we have generated over 100 website enquiries in regards to our homecare services.

    ​Before having our new website, our online business development efforts would have struggled to generate any enquiries due to the poor user experience and difficulty locating the enquiry form. Our SEO methodology means we are ranking higher organically and with a straight forward user experience, potential clients can easily contact us. Our new website is a big help in driving demand from new homecare clients.

    Head of Marketing, Nurseplus UK

  • Being a Premier Success Plan customer brings peace of mind when it comes to support.

    ​The Support throughout the process has been very, very good. The added value we have from being on a Premier Customer Success Plan enables us to reach out and know we’ll receive the support when we need it. You can’t put a price on that peace of mind and that further adds to the confidence we have in working with the team at Access Volcanic. At Nurseplus, we’re on a continual learning journey and the regular, planned meetings with our dedicated Customer Success Manager helps us understand how we can further evolve to attract candidates and clients. It’s definitely a win-win. When you align that with the multitude of usable tools available from SEO to reporting to easy content manipulation and more, it’s all progressing exactly how we would want it to.

    Head of Marketing, Nurseplus UK

Nurseplus care at home homepage in desktop view by Access Volcanic

The results:

  • A consistent brand look and feel across two websites

  • Easy content creation tools to regularly deliver relevant content to the two target audiences

  • Over 100 new client enquiries since launching the new client-focused website

  • Full confidence in the support received through the Premier Customer Success Plan

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